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  • Missing your own party

    The largest spike in attention for this book came and went without me noticing. The problem with having too much to do and too many different projects is it becomes impossible to keep on top of all the relevant discussions.  Two Bits was reviewed on Lambda The Ultimate, a weblog about programming languages.  There are […]

  • Shortlisted for the Bateson Prize!

    Two Bits was one of four shortlisted books. The Society for Cultural Anthropology’s 1st annual Gregory Bateson prize was given to Barray Saunder’s CT Suite: The Work of Diagnosis in the Age of Noninvasive Cutting. Two Bits was shortlisted alongside some other great books. More here…

  • Two Bits, now in eBook form…

    Another version… Kiran “Jace” Jonnalagadda (a veteran silk-list member) created an epub version for the Sony e-Book reader (thanks jace)!

  • Happy Birthday RFC!

    40 years. There was a very nice editorial in the NYT this week by Steve Crocker, author of the first, and many subsequent RFCs.

  • Two Bits smackdown: Author vs. Lazyweb

    Duke University Press wrote to say: Two Bits has sold 1142 paperback copies (which doesn’t include publicity or review copies) since its release last June, and we are now preparing to reprint it. At this point we can correct any typos or mistakes that may have made their way into the final book. We cannot […]

  • Andreas Lloyd on Two Bits

    Andreas Lloyd has an excellent review of Two Bits on his blog. I particularly appreciate this because Andreas’ work is on the Ubuntu project, and his observations of that project will be very important to understanding the ongoing process of maintaining Free Software.  Since my book ends about the time Ubuntu emerged, it’s nice to […]

  • Oh. Wow. SISU Rocks Two Bits

    Two Bits has been transformed into a “SISU” document. SISU is a formatting language (created by Ralph Amissah) that is very simple (simpler than HTML) but powerful enough to allow translation of a document into multiple formats (XML, HTML, PDF, ODT and so on). It even has a word-concordance and an MD5 hash of the […]


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