Amazon, WTF? Discuss.

Posted by ckelty on June 18, 2008

Since this blog is mirrored by Amazon on the book's page, courtesy of Amazon Connect (thanks Dustin, for pointing it out!), I thought I would just say WTF?

Amazon is so freaking mysterious to me. For the weeks and months before the book was available the price dropped, and dropped, to the point where it was like $16 yesterday. Now its at $23.95 again, and it says "ships in 1-3 months". For a long time, there was a list of like 8000 books "people who bought this book also bought" and they were ALL, to a volume, about Second Life. How can there be that many books about second life? Now there are four, and they are my friends, so at least that part makes sense. Do you think there are humans at Amazon anymore? The mysteries will clearly never cease.

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