Two Bit Book Blog Processing Modulation Extravaganza 2008

Posted by ckelty on July 1, 2008

I'm not a celebrity, but I play one on the famous internet.

This year at Harvard, I managed to fall in with a bad crowd: youth who have grown up entirely in the Internet era. They took my classes, they invited me to their absurd and wonderful conference, they've been making me perform on video anonymously. In short, they are the future, and they seem to like this book. I find this produces a mixture of gratitude, curious wonderment and sheer terror. Now they are starting a Summer book-reading club starring Two Bits. There are five of them, and they've already started getting crazy with the modulatin':

Diana Kimball at Diana Kimball
Tim Hwang at the US Bureau of Fabulous Bitches
Alex Leavitt at Quotidianity
Michael Wolfe at Machinations
Christina Xu at All of the Above

I hope to keep up with their crazed, internet-addicted, sleep-deprived, former-student anxiety-enhanced interpretatin' whenever i have the chance.

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